My name is Eugene.

I like speaking in front of audiences.

a little secret?

I am also terrified of speaking in front of audiences.

List of most common phobias

4. heights

3. spiders

2. death

1. public speaking

source: National Social Anxiety Center

what would you choose?

public speaking can be mastered.

yes, by you too!

ready to get started?

step one

finding your subject

...and, are relevant to events around you

No subject is too simple

Think about things that interest you...

Create a simple note to keep track of ideas

step two

preparing for the talk

Understand Content vs Delivery

Plan for less time than alloted

Study speakers you like (and dislike!)

before starting

Simple slides

preparing the materials

Simple slides!


If a slide must be complex, present it in sections

preparing the materials

But really, simple slides

Think about color schemes

Do not write down every word you plan on saying

what about the spoken part?

Create a simple outline instead

Or use the slides as your guide!

Considerable additional complexity

to demo or not to demo

Plan for the best, prepare for the worst!

Don't get unnecessarily fancy

Videos could freeze

don't depend on media

Internet could be spotty

Sound might not work at location

Have a fallback!

Record yourself presenting

Practice practice practice!

Look for undesired sounds, movements, words...

Ask for an honest friend to watch you

step three

the day of

Ove Kuvåssæter

Did you get that rash taken care of?

Looked nasty...

Bring your own equipment

Prepare your system to avoid surprises

Test beforehand

And mostly, have fun!

Involve the audience

Be prepared to zoom into small text/images

bonus step

finding events

Read conference description carefully!

Ask someone to co-present

Sign up for lightning talks

get up there and make us proud!

get the slides: https://damn.engineer/slides