Securing your app's communications with Kubernetes, Azure Key Vault, and TLS certificates


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Senior Cloud and DevOps Engineer @ Capgemini


15+ years in infrastructure and software development


Restoring and modifying old gaming systems

The Problem


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Secrets should be automatically injected into apps, without human intervention

Secrets and code should be kept separate until runtime

Secrets management is hard

(A) Solution


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Azure Key Vault

Kubernetes Secrets Store CSI Driver


Kubernetes Secrets Store CSI Driver

Integrates secrets stores with Kubernetes via a

Container Storage Interface (CSI) volume

Allows Kubernetes to mount secrets, keys, and certs stored in enterprise-grade external secrets stores into pods as volumes



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Internal CA Authority

Apps need to access internal sites securely over HTTPS

Company with internal resources


Helm chart

Azure CLI

Kubernetes ( Minikube )

demo components

Please hold for ( VERY ABBREVIATED ) demo...


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More Information

Secrets Store CSI Driver


Demo repository and files


Detailed post and walkthrough

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